Customer peace of mind!



The focus of the ROUTEAMS service is the users ability to intuitively use Microsoft Teams for all their communication needs. By making the Teams professional functionality available in one solution, including the fixed/mobile dialing, the PC users needs less training and start collaborate with others in a more efficient way. We hope that we can contribute to a more intuitive and communicative day.

We are proud to assist many small, medium and large companies, creating an efficient business communication environment. Supporting their success in reaching the market with their own great products and services offerings. Below you see the logo of some of them.

Why Customers Choose Us?

Fast Setup

As a true cloud service the setup of the service is fast and simple. With a ten step guide for the Reseller it is almost no interaction needed for the basic setup. For more advanced PBX setup some documentation is needed.

One solution

This universal communication solution covers all functionality needed to work professionally with all your business peers. Consolidate down to using only Teams with ROUTEAMS and you will imediately start getting the effect.

Per user price

Take full control over your communication cost with a price per user per month for all you communication needs. You can scale the number of users up and down without any risk.