Service Description

Business Telephony

One of the most underestimated values of Teams is its telephony capabilities. Being able to use the PC as an integrated communication tool, including calling and receiving mobile and fixed calls, makes everyone work smarter. Why can you browse the internet from you mobile phone but not call directly from your PC? It makes no sense. With Teams you can easily activate Teams telephony, on the employees devices. Activate with a telephony provider already connected to the platform or with your existing telephony provider. You can also replace your PBX and use Teams as your one unified communication tool. The service includes all business telephony capabilities. The Teams client is intuitive in the way users forward, put on hold, make calls and receive calls. As a Teams user you also get our Select Dial App (Windows7/8/10), for setting up a call to any number you see on your PC screen. It makes your computer a true Universal Communication Tool.

Video Calls

It has never been easier to have face to face meetings with your contacts. Seeing your colleagues, customers, partners and vendors more often, by enabling video in your calls, strengthens the relationship. The large Teams community makes contacts easy to find and connect. Just enter their email address and see if they are available.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing have traditionally been very expensive and reserved for the board room. With Teams, video conferencing are available for all employees individually. It can be done from everywhere at any time. From a virtual conference where the attendees are at their own desk, in a cafe, airport or at home, to a large meeting room with many of the attendees calling in with Teams or by phone. The cost for setting up a full functioning meeting room starts at EUR 1000,-. The included integration with the Outlook Calendar makes it easy to arrange conferences with automatic link for joining and local dial in numbers. If the user doing meeting minutes use Microsoft OneNote, meeting minutes can be generated directly and shared with the participants immediately.

Instant Messaging

Being able to start a chat with a colleague or external contact to clarify an issue or just ask a question is a very effective communication form. Using this tool extensively will reduce the number of emails sent. The chats are stored in exchange, so all communication history are available. This makes It is easy to find old conversations based on content.


The cross functionality between Teams and exchange makes it easier to visualize availability. Why spend time on calling someone that are busy with a call, in a meeting or just not available. Instead of having to check in the individual calendars the presence functionality are picking up the users status from the outlook calendar automatically. This also applies for your external Teams contacts.

Document Collaboration


By doing video calls and conferencing, and at the same time being able to work in project and team channels is a very effective way of keeping the speed in projects and contract negotiations. The effect of seeing the other party in the eye when agreeing on changes and additions are bringing more commitment and trust to the process. Both parties can be in charge of the documents and information shared. Share the information in the channel or share document as a downloadable, present the application or your entire screen for quickly changes from one application to another.


With the conferencing functionality it is easy to hold webinars. The importance of getting information out to your co-workers, customers and/or resellers in the new modern way is going to be crucial for your business forward. Schedule the webinar in your calendar and distribute the link, and the dial in information, to your contacts. Choose the level of interactivity, receive questions in the chat, open up for questions at the end. It is very easy to learn.

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