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Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Routeams is a certified and global cloud service based on Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

It integrates telecom services effectively with Microsoft Teams since all configuration towards

Teams is provided in the cloud service.


A range of national and international telecom providers are certified for Routeams and can easily provide or port numbers to activate the full Teams Business Telephony experience.

As shown in the picture below, in the green squares, adding telephony opens up a whole new set of possibilities. Configure Teams to handle all calls to the company and route them professionally to the correct employee based on Interactive Voice Responses (IVR) and advanced queue set up. 

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Routeams Facts

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing


Routeams is an add on service for Microsoft Teams that make it easy to dial all mobile and landline numbers and receiving calls in Teams. With our DialOut app, users can call from any number they see on the PC screen.


The Routeams cloud service is delivered globally from the same Azure datacenters as Microsoft provides Teams. In this way, calls are set up as quickly as possible with the best call quality, in one and the same redundant datacenter. Routeams are the result of 6 months of research and testing both inside and outside Azure.


It is important for us that customers do not have to lock themselves to a telephony provider but can continue to choose on a 1 to 2year basis, based on the best price and service. With Routeams, the Teams configuration do not change if you switch to a different telecom vendor.


Routeams are built as a cloud service. This means that all our customers have the same largescale benefits in terms of redundancy, performance and scalability at a price per user per month. No matter how many employees.


Routeams is a Global Microsoft Certified solution with redundancy at all levels.


Telephony can be connected using our Routeams Certified Telephony providers or you can connect your preferred telephony provider. Connectivity options are via the Internet, VPN over the Internet or Microsoft Expressroute. The service is by nature redundant and can therefore also be set up redundant towards your telecom provider.


CTELO are devoted to supporting our customers and resellers solving issues that arise no matter if it is on the telecom provider side or in Microsoft Teams. We quickly identify who is responsible for the issue and start working with them to bring the telephony back online.