1.   Unzip the downloaded file Dialout.zip. It consists of two files.

      Click on the file setup.exe to start the installation.

2. After installing the application you will find it in your application list.

Application list.PNG

3. Start the application by clicking the icon. Now you can call any phone number on your screen by just selecting it with your mouse and pressing CTRL-1.

(See example)

Select dial example.PNG

4. When started it will show in the application tray

Dialout Tray.PNG

5. Right click the icon and press settings to get to the setting page.

Right click popup.PNG

6. This is the default settings:

The application is set up with Teams dialing as default. If you are using Skype for Business tick "On" the "Use Skype for Business" choice.

Activate the click-to-call popup for easy access on your screen.

  • click-to-call will not work when calling directly from excel spreadsheet cells (use hotkey or mark the number in the input line.)

  • selecting any number with 8+ digits, for a standard copy-paste function, will trigger the popup. Mark the number you want to copy, wait for the popup to disappear, then do your copy-paste function.


7. Save your settings when done.